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Submitting form using Fancybox Ajax capabilities within an iFrame

there is two way:


$("a.interested").fancybox({'width':400,'height':400,'enableEscapeButton':false,'overlayShow':true,'overlayOpacity':0,'hideOnOverlayClick':false,'type':'iframe','href':"/components/profile/buyer/regbuyer1.php"//or any other url that contains the contents of that iframe});2:$("a.interested").click(function(){     $.ajax:{         type     :"POST",         cache    :false,         url      :"/components/profile/buyer/regbuyer1.php",         success:function(data){             $.fancybox({'width':400,'height':400,'enableEscapeButton':false,'overlayShow':true,'overlayOpacity':0,'hideOnOverlayClick':false,'content': data             });}}});

How to fetch only data value using ajax

To fetch data from ajax response follow this......

          url: your_url,
          success: function(req){
            var data = new Array();
            var pairs = req.split("&");
            for (i = 0; (i < pairs.length); i++) {
              var nameAndValue = pairs[i].split("=");
              var name = unescape(nameAndValue[0]);
              var value = unescape(nameAndValue[1]);
              data[name] = value;


set name value pair in your response in action class separated by any char. I just do with '&'
and u can fetch data by name. No need to set whole div. You  just set value in your desired field and location.

eg:--  name1=valu…

jquery code to detect ctrl+F1 key