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Is the JVM a compiler or an interpreter?

First, let's have a clear idea of the following terms Javac is Java Compiler -- Compiles your Java code into Bytecode JVM is Java Virtual Machine -- Runs/ Interprets/ translates Bytecode into Native Machine Code JIT is Just In Time Compiler -- Compiles the given bytecode instruction sequence to machine code at run-time before executing it natively. It's main purpose is to do heavy optimizations in performance. So now, Let's find answers to your questions.. 1)JVM: is it a compiler or an interpreter? -- Ans: Interpreter 2)what about JIT compiler that exist inside the JVM? -- Ans: If you read this reply completely, you probably know it now 3)what exactly is the JVM? -- Ans: JVM is a virtual platform that resides on your RAMIts component, Class loader loads the .class file into the RAMThe Byte code Verifier component in JVM checks if there are any access restriction violations in your code. (This is one of the principle reasons why java is secure)Next, the Execution Engine compone…